O night divine

December 24, 2006

it is still
already dark,
we are coming
the music is a little loud,
feel the curve
of my sister’s cheek against mine.
she pulls the gloves from
my fingers,
silky black
Christmas night.
when she puts them on, the tips
sag a little
her hands are very small
her knuckles are knobbled
like mine.
she is almost
not quite
nearly ten,
we have identical noses.
her face tilts up;
i will kiss the
sweet spot on her
she is my darling
mum and dad laugh;
my brother looks out the window
i smooth away sleeping sister’s hair
her skin is damp and soft,
my baby.
her hand holds mine tight
and the streetlights are lightly frosted
Christmas is creeping nearer
ain’t we got it good?


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