nothing unusual. nothing strange.

December 3, 2006

music’s quietly humming along
strumming along
tangled hair tied back with a worn bandana
coffee-and-ink smell
dusty lamp
“and the dreams that you dreamed of
dreams really do come true.”

spreadsheets and graphing calculators
scissors and glue sticks
the pen is so comfortable,
the words so dark and clear
objectivism teaches us that there is only one right answer.

centripetal force and acceleration
weights whirling,
paper corners curling
face close to the surface squinting
forcing compliance.

the physics of it don’t make sense, you say.
pi r squared
i m scared
the experiment isn’t finished, my data’s incomplete
i don’t even have a hypothesis yet.



One Response to “nothing unusual. nothing strange.”

  1. i haven’t seen a rainbow in too long, nor a blue bird.

    tragic, no?

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