si l’amour n’est pas superb

December 1, 2006

can you see my sunset where you are?

the purest blue i’ve ever seen
champagne bubbles
shaded skylines and muted homes
edges fading to silver
gilded gold at the horizon

darkening ’til every color is one color
and all colors
water colors
and snow colors.

no colors.

so close and so far away,
letting it in

clouds shifting
lilac and rose

like springtime.

i want to know
why did it happen like this?
and more,
why did you choose me?



2 Responses to “si l’amour n’est pas superb”

  1. milo, i deleted your comment by accident. the workings of livejournal seem to baffle me. i’m sorry.

    but thank you.


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