seems like i’m never coming home

November 30, 2006

headache.  eadhhace.  eahedha.

who are you?
are you who.

i am the only one who knows
(am i?)
i am the only one who
(am i?)
i am the only one

i am.

we were – were we?
we are – are we?
we will be – be will we?

such a palindrome.emordnilap a hcus

we were not
(because i can’t remember for certain)
we are not
(and so it is)
we will not be
(because the world keeps running,
dark waters and titanium moons)

a selfish standing secret
alone in remembering
keeping quiet,
rioting jangling mindless thoughts.

slip-sliding along, winter’s slight
illuminated in infinity
ghostly hands over ghostly lands
dreamsicle darkness
night trailing ailing fingers
florescent luminescence


walking. alone and not alone –
hands in my pockets,
holding tight to

and holding out
dark to light
love to fight

wanting to watch Orion dance,
that waltz you denied him.

he’ll show me how.



4 Responses to “seems like i’m never coming home”

  1. this poem is infinite — like when you stare at the sky for hours on a summer night.


  2. milo de minnesota

    i am the wind and the stars and the gum under your shoe — i’m stuck in minnesota and i don’t know what to do//

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