following a victory

November 30, 2006

archive: 15 october 2006

an internal, maternal care-giving reflex, the body that is mine to cherish.  a responsibility bestowed by whom?

naked in front of the mirror a crowd of thoughts staring
skin soft from soap and steam
watery darkness lingering in creases, infantile
smooth soundless pale and quiet
fine downy hairs highlighted gold against the window.

relearning, assessing pressing a bruise –
how deep?  how long?  how painful?
a scratch stretching and etching,
scars like stars exploding over knee and thigh
bare, blank, beautiful.

my perfect imperfection.

silver silk afternoon light, ivy leaves waving in the autumn winds
arms high, breathing deep
rib cage expanding watching butterfly wings open and close
open, close
lines shifting internal change eternal
sun on hip, dipping into hollows
emphasize faults and triumphs of the machine of man.



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