correspondence with the conscious

November 30, 2006

archive: 5 october 2006

soft night on my face,
spider-web kisses
and traces of centipede lashes.
rolling rounded thunder-sounded
tastes in my mouth, heavy evening air
sweet and slow
lips tracing racing winds,
breathing a scent long gone.
sky divides lightning collides reverberates
echoes in bones
alone in the light of the doorway.
darkness drawing in behind,
i find
myself thinking and consciousness shrinking
insignificant and so magnificent.

hot heat sweat sweet
last chance last dance
no tears, no fears, foe nears
no gaining always raining
feigning intelligence

falling again and again.

summer skies drifting on the marina
friends all around as the night surrounds
and presses close.
stars and cars and bars
darkness flashes at the lighthouse passes
meteorites light the sky
flying dying (sighing)

infinitely infallible.

warm cave of the car –
comforting smell, no heaven or hell
only floating and laughing and being alone.
whited-out edges
now blends into then
forever becomes never and never is ever
and ever again.

memories criss-crossed and gold-embossed
edited and copywrited
and stacked on shelves, dressed in dust.
open volumes and life spills out –
let’s talk about what we’ve done,
who’s the one? what have we said?
we’re not quite dead.
the pages still turn,
the books still burn.

mystory bound in human skin
tau(gh)t and pale and smooth,
November skies soothe
always warmer than my knobbly fingers.
love always lingers,
undying high flying
it goes on and on and on
the blue beyond
divided a thousand times (a million rhymes)
cut in half and half and half again
until all that is left is the
blankest speck
the non-existent existence
a breathy whisper of what must have been
(because we tell ourselves so)
January nights come and go.

high-inducing thoughts from a sober mind
the mind is kind (so the doctors say)
but i doubt it every day.



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