last night

November 29, 2006

last night, the world became young

as the moon smiled and swayed in the sky –

shot out its beams like pure love song

and found your hand in mine.


and oh! such tender revelation,

the trees wept openly.

and across sky carpets, the constellations

were dancing three by three.


last night the world became young

as the dead streets turned back into rivers,

changing the buildings into towering mountains

and the warmth of your lips gave me shivers.


and we’ll dance aloud, these miracles,

into the calming days,

‘cause we’ve disavowed our fear of hurt

for as long as the music plays.


so dance with me, my love,

until clouds explode,

all secrets told

‘til every broken heart

is redeemed.



2 Responses to “last night”

  1. are you published in anything? it seems like you should be.


    • haha, it seems we’ve both committed the same mistake. i appreciate your compliment, but i’m afraid this wasn’t written by me. it’s called “last night”, by a very obscure artist named glass nightingale. as far as i know, this is the only song he’s recorded.

      but again, thank you.


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