are you still, still breathing

November 29, 2006

a full 8 hours of sleep.  not too shabby.

i’m not even too upset about the eight or so pages of irp-ing i have to do tonight.  i mean, really, i can manage that – i’ve written 8 page papers in a night before.  this one’s just more…picky.

it’s supposed to get cold again tomorrow.  this is why i hate Wisconsin.  my house is always freezing, and my hands always hurt.  i’m considering having a pair of gloves permanently installed on my hands – sewn tightly about the wrists, so that i never fear frostbite again.

there’s a Parnassus meeting tonight and i really don’t have any writing prepared.  i have a concept for a piece working itself out in my head, but before i can really do anything with it i have to find a hard cover blank sketchbook.  this has to be done by hand.

i feel neglectful, like i’ve been letting what’s important drop behind what’s not.  i’m afraid to lose it.

well.  time for class, i guess.  just a few short hours.

on an unrelated note, if what just happened is what i think just happened, i’m going to be really surprised.


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